the dream: 38 leaving

“huh?” i responded confused.
he saw my confusion, “well.. see.. i have about 1 week left here before i leave for a while, and ill come back soon.”
all that was passing through my mind was WHAT ?!!!? HOW COULD HE LEAVE ME !
soon? whats soon?” i said, as my voice became more panicked, and my head asking why.
“a few weeks, or so.” he said, trying to use his soothing voice, to calm me down… it didnt work.
“but.. whyyy?” i almost yelled.
he grabbed my hand, “mand, itll be fine, ill be back, maybe you’ll find someone new.”
i hated that statement with my whole heart.
“what?” i said, yanking my hand back.
“mand, youre better off without me.”
another statement i hated.
“better off without you?” i was confused, the past i had with him was too good to be true, and that became clear to me. I tried so hard not to fall hard, act like i dont care and knowing this wouldnt last forever.
“listen, i love you, i really do, but i dont want to ruin what you have going for you.”

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