the dream: 39 safe, or better off

“what ive got going for me?? what does that mean?” i said furiously, then took a deep breath to calm myself down.
“you have a future, and you could make something great of it, and i know you want to.” he said.
“of course i do, but i dont understand what tahts got to do with us.”
“mand, i have feelings for you ive never felt for anyone, and that isn’t the safest thing for us.”
“safe? carter youre not making any sense.”
“mand, i think now i should telll you whats going on.”
“uhm.. okay.”
he grabbed my hand and sat me down on the chair, and took a seat on the desk, just looking me straight in the eye.
“listen,the reason i bolt out before you can see, or my skin is so cold, or why i came so late in the year, or why i know basically anything thats going to happen and can guess what people feel, is.”
he looked me straight in the eye for a pause, and hope of acceptance.
“mand… me and my family, we’re….”
“youre what carter….” i said, grabbing his hand, this wasnt easy for him and i could tell.

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