the dream: 40 love

“mand.. listen, i love you, promise me you wont freak out, after this if you change your mind, i completely understand, just dont let this impact your life in any bad way, i would never want that for you, which is why i think youre better off without me.”
“carter, no matter what you tell me, im always here for you, i love you too, just tell me whats going on, maybe i can help, maybe we can get through it together.”
“mand… we, my family and i, we’re….. we’re. vampires.”
i felt my heart beat fast, and slowly started to catch my breathe. this wasnt that big a deal, just that the boy that i fell inlove with sucks blood and lives forever.
“im so sorry, i should have told you sooner, its just, i thought that maybe we woulda drifted by now or you woulda moved on. i didnt think it would matter, until i realized how i felt about you.”
“do you suck peoples blood?” was the question i chose to ask… niice.
“not people, but animal yes. my family and i have have learned a way of life where we dont hurt human.”

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