Peripheral Evil: Part 30 Rosalyn's Coming

The shadows stirred and shifted solidly. Kara could feel the presence and caught glimpses but couldn’t see them straight on. A sneer threatened to pull at her lips.

Talia was awake by now and whimpered quietly as she looked past the wad of family to what circled them just beyond the reach of the light.

Sully kept his eyes on Kara, though he could clearly see two catlike creatures pacing menacingly back and forth, gnashing their yellow teeth and whipping scaly tails. This time they were joined by other things he’d not encountered.

Jim and Scott moved to grab makeshift torches of two by fours lighted at the end. They walked the perimeter, keeping watch as the creatures faded in and out with the passing of the light.

Some in animalistic forms of dogs, others in stretched human form, and a few in a squat combination of unrecognizable origin.

Kara laughed darkly, “It’s time. Rosalyn’s coming.”

Sully jumped at her, “How do you know?”

She narrowed her eyes, whispering. “Because, they gather.”

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