The Graveyard Summons

Pale and frantic she began to run. Even when her breath came fast and hot, she did not stop. There was only one person that could help her now. And there was only one place to find him.
On the verge of collapse, she ran through the ancient archway. Searching the well-worn tombstones, she almost fell. It would have been her doom. But as luck would have it, she stayed sure-footed and finally found her man. At least, what would be a man. Again.
Falling to her knees in front of a non-descript tombstone, she closed her eyes and began to mutter.
“Help me, help me, I implore. Come and save me from this gore. What once was gone can now be found, please, oh please, rise from this ground.”
As the words fell from her lips again and again, her pursuer drew ever closer, smiling. He knew he would finally have her.
Just as his hands were about to close around her cool, white neck, the ground began to shake. Estactic, she rose.
“Now we will see, won’t we?” she smirked. Her pursuer’s smile finally faltered.

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