Peripheral Evil: Part 31 Recreation

Sully flew back on the ground like the exorcism of a contortionist. His eyes rolled back and his body froze, arched in the middle with only his head and heels touching the ground; he was somewhere else.
He was lost in a cavern where the yellow eyed ghoul bodies pawed at him from all sides. He stood next to a naked Rosalyn and troubled looking Natty Bumpo. “What is going on” he said to the naked teen.
“Do not speak to her.” replied the ruffle feathered magpie.
“She is not me she is my Djinn, i am here.”
“Why does your djinn look like you?”
“Sully concentrate!”

The bodies multiplied at an alarming rate and sully realized they had been moving downward.
“There she is Fergus.”
He saw the white corpse of Rosy’s sis praying amongst the creatures. His mouth began to recite words he had never heard.
“After heaven moved from Earth
After Earth separated
After Enlil carried it away.
I reject it.”

Back at the Vatican, evryone began to convulse and the Potentate Yelled, “He is recreating the world.”

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