Peripheral Evil: Part 32 The Journey Of The Wise Men.

“Sir you can’t smoke on this jet.”
“Don’t talk to me i am busy.”
Moshie kept typing on the computer trying to update the coordinates. He had spent the last few hours on the phone to the Potentate explaining how to find the exit location of Sully and Rosalyn. He explained that Stone Henge, the Mayan Temples and the stone spheres of Costa Rica (etc.) were just markers for places were matter can become energy and vice versa. He explained that the same way NASA predicts windows to enter the atmosphere that his program could predict window to exit the guff.
“Agent Stratnicoff, What will happen to them when they emerge?”
“What do you think? They are rogue, they have to die.”
A very expensive looking Persian cat jumped into the smoking professor’s lap and said, “keep your head on a swivel or you will be more concerned with fleas than lung cancer.”

Moshie thought to himself, “The rebirth of the chosen one, and we bring bullets instead of frankincense”

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