Anna's Not Half The Woman She Used To Be.

The conversation stalled the Eastwood style show down just long enough for Anna to dive in to the pile of body parts, that had once been Mask/holdini.
“Now prepare to die because i wield the Ficlinomicon.” She yelled as she pulled the book from the goo and brains.
She started to speak and then she paused like the words just wouldn’t come out. Everyone in front of her froze, awaiting her spell that would cause untold horror, but nothing came out.
“What is that?” questioned krulltar, pointing to a red line on her torso.
Then the top of Anna’s body slid off like the last piece of cheese, when you have a whole box of wheat thins. Her topless torso revealed the blade of the cerulean samurai, the azure assailant, The Blue Sparrow.

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