Hell on Earth at the First of the Five Ring Fortresses.

The dragoons rode back into the camp and dimounted before the knight.
“Sir the mission was a failure.”
“We never arrived at the fortress. we could see for miles away it was hell on Earth. We past hordes of soldiers running for their lives. They were saying the devil had come for them.”
“What is going on here?” asked Perceval?
They heard the sound of wings and Mardy appeared over head with ten men in her clutches, still steaming with heat.
she dropped them on the ground from about fifteen feet and they did not have enough strength to run.
“Which one is he?”
“Pardon me?” Asked The fair knight.
“Well when i first began to ask, ‘where is Olgoth’ noone knew. Then when i started grilling them alive they all were Olgoth.”
Perceval didn’t know weather to laugh or cry when one of the men rose to his feet and replied, “I am Olgoth the Freeman.”
His partially burned skin did not even flich when Kira ran and hugged his father.
“Yes Olgoth.”
“Thank you cousin.”

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