One perfect moment..?

In that moment he felt as though he could die on the next day and feel happy. Whenever he tried to explain it to anyone later the words sounded so corny, so meaningless, but in that moment, that place, that time, he had felt so complete, so utterly whole. In all the times that he had made love, had sex and even fucked both before and after, with her, with others, nothing had felt so utterly perfect as the moment he had slid inside her that morning.

They had locked their gaze, they were holding each other close. They were apart, and then they were one. Neither of them moved for a long, ineffable moment, and then their mouths had met and as the heat from their kiss had mixed with the heat from between their legs, their bodies had begun to move with a will and purpose all of their own. First fast and frantic and then slow and tender and then everything all at once. Neither of them could tell whether they had been locked together for seconds or minutes; moving, feeling and all the while staring into each other.

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