Death Goes Looking For Life

Miracola looked at the girl and knew immediately what I was thinking. “You want me to find Life for you.” It wasn’t a question.
“I need her help.” I said.
“She hates you.” Miracola stated, bluntly.
“I know. But if I know Life she will come because she’s needed, not because I asked.”
Miracola studied me intently. “Life is somewhere in New York. I don’t know where.”
“Thank you.” I said, gratefully.

On my way to New York I remembered the reason Life had come to hate me so much. We had been in love and spent every moment possible together. Until that one unlucky assignment… a woman in labor.

When I got there Life was already in the hospital room, her assignment was the girl being born. She begged me not to take the Mother from her child and husband, but I chose duty over feelings.

I recalled the look on Life’s face, it was as if I could see her heart breaking throgh her eyes.
It is my biggest regret.
Life was on 47th street, the scene of a car accident.
“Samantha.” I said her name softly.

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