Strange Normalities: Dan's POV: Drastic Alternatives

“It’s worse than I feared.” The doctor was pacing in his stark office while I watched from a stern chair. “She’s more defiant than, than, I don’t know what!”
“So what are you going to do, sir?”I asked timidly. He put his head in his hand, sighing.
“We might have to be drastic.” I sprang out of my chair.
“No sir! Not that! Keep her alive, please!” He gave me an odd look.
“Are you growing attached Daniel?” I fell silent. He smirked. “I thought not.” Then a pensive look came over the doctor. “Since you mentioned it, there is a way to keep her quiet & alive.” I looked up. He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Yes. Yes, that will work.”
I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. “Go on sir. What were you thinking?”
“We could do a bit of a comparison to see how odd she really is. Then we could see how best to attack this problem of oddness!” He stopped pacing and looked at me, triumphant. “What do you think?”
My spirits fell. “Brilliant,” I said. But I couldn’t hide the heaviness in my heart.

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