the dream: part 41 great

“oh, okay. ” i said, calmly.
the thing with me is, whenever something epic happens or something scary or unexpected i am completely calm, it brings me back to when my cousin and i crashed our golfcart, she panicked while i tried to get the key back in a start it.

“listen, i think when i leave, you should just go on with your school life and everything, i dont want to leave, really i dont, but my family and i have to do some things.”
“but what happens if you find someone else? why are you so worried about me?” i asked.
he started to laugh, as i gave him a confused face.
“i wont, trust me, i wont.” he started to laugh again, i didnt understand at all.
“why are you laughing?” i asked.
“huh?” i was mad, and upset and an emotional wreck, i could feel my eyes wattery and my chest feeling heavy.
“l-listen carter, i h-have work to do, maybe you should leave.” i said, hardly able to get my words out.
he could tell my feelings
“okay, ill talk to you later.”he said hugging me in a strong embrace

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