As If One Near Death Experience Wasn't Enough

I screamed when I saw the bullet miss Wesley’s head by an inch. Everyone immediately fell to the ground as yet another bullet flew through the air.

I screamed again when I saw that the shooter was Justin.

His eyes darted back and forth, scanning the room. The gun in his hand shook violently. He had snapped, I knew it. But, was he doing this because of me?

And then I realized it. What if he had seen Nick and I kissing? What if he was out to kill us both?

My heart began to race and sweat poured down my face.

Luckily, the police came a second later. Thank god the hotel had plenty of security guards.

“Drop your weapon!” was all they had to say, and Justin sank to his knees, crying.

“I saw them!” Justin screamed as the police stood him up and handcuffed him. “I saw you kiss him, Emily! Then he’s got the nerve to threaten me?! How could you do this to me, Emily?!”

He was shoved into the police car and driven away. Once the car was out of sight, the entire room turned toward Nick and I.

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