Strange Normalities: Comparing Partner

Every muscle in my body felt it was streached to the max and seared from being shocked with not enough current to kill me through my shoulders and ankles, but I refused to cry out. I would not allow myself to show weak emotions if I could help it.
The current was applied for the seventh time when Dr. Leiz sauntered in, looking mildly puzzled.
“Why do you not cry out?” he asked curiously. I stuck my tongue at him. He chortled, amused. “My dear, I’m here to help you.”
“Help me what?” I mustered. He tilted my face towards his with rough hands.
“Actually, it’s more like you are going to help me.” Without another word he deftly lifted me by the shoulders and dragged my listless self down a hall to his office.
“You see,” he explained as he strapped me to a table, “we need to better understand you… condition. We need to do some comparisons.” I cringed to his touch.
“But to whom should we compare you?” he wondered aloud. Then the idea hit him. “Daniel!” he called into the hall, “Will you come here please?”

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