Death Admits to Life

Her eyes narrowed when she saw me. “What do you want?” she nearly spat in disgust.
“I need your help,” I stated meekly. Samantha straightened up. “Specifically, a small girl needs your help.” Her face softened slightly.
“Why don’t you just do your duty again, eh?” she hissed, contempt writ on her usually sweet face. I shook my head.
“I regret ever doing that, I swear…”
“Firstly, it’s not polite to swear. Second, you can never make up for what you did.”
“I know, I know. But can you at least give me credit for trying to make up? This girl, I’m convinced she’s an angel. She and this cat, they’re all they have left. I can’t break that up. I may have messed up in the past-”
“You did. Big time,” she corrected. Clearing my throat, I continued.
“Right, I definitely mess up, but I’m trying to make things right. But I can’t do it alone, you know that.” I could see she was seriously considering. But every moment she took pondering was torture for the pain in my chest.
Finally she nodded. “Lead on Jeff.”

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