One Comment, One Chance

By the time Violet Hill finished, Id wiped most of the tears from my eyes, and my cheeks were red from being rubbed so many times. I took out the earbuds and put my ipod on the bed.

Ugh I probly look horrible.. Im gonna take a shower..

I looked in the mirror to find my face still distorted from the hurt, and my cheeks still bright red.
I turned the water on full heat and got in the shower eagerly, longing for the sensation of the soothing hot water pouring over my skin. I took a deep breath, inhaling the steamy air and trying to relax.
I suddenly found myself unable to stand, and sat down in the shower, staying that way for several hours until the hot water ran out.

After drying off and changing my clothes, I went back to the computer, getting another mouse from my dad’s office.
I went straight to ficlets, and saw Rose had written one a few minutes ago. took a deep breath and clicked on it.
After reading, I dared to leave a comment.
Umm… long distance calls dont cost too much, do they?

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