Confessions of A Teenage Star: Chapter 2

“Hello?” I said in an oh-so-seductive voice

“Oh, hey, Cam. It’s Matt. I was just wondering. They opened this new club in Santa Monica called Club Asteroid. I know the name is weird, but everyone says it’s awesome,” my ex rambled on.

“Oh, gee, Matt. I really don’t know. I’m back in Colorado now and I’d hate to distract myself from my studies. Finals are coming up and I’ve been studying sooo hard.” I looked over at my calendar. “How does next Saturday sound?”

Sure, this guy was my ex boyfriend, and sure he was clingy and a bit annoying. But Mom trusted him. And he was pretty much my only chance at getting into Club Asteroid.

“Oh, great,” Matt said. “See you then.”

“See ya,” I whispered, hanging up the phone.

I KNEW I sounded a bit too sultry, but hey, I had to ensure Matt came to get me so we could fly out to Santa Monica to go to the club. Otherwise, it would be another lonely Saturday studying the importantance of an animal cell’s nucleus. And who really wants to do that anyway?

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