A Good Martini. (Welcome To Life Challenge)

The screaming mother’s haunting shrills peirced the ears of Dr. Young, before she left the O.R. The voluptous nurse who looked more at home on a pole surrounded by dollars, than a birthing room handed the washed infant to the doctor.
“New Gloves”
“Here doctor.”
“Here doctor.”
“Here doctor.”
“Lit cigar.”
“Oh sorry.”

The doctor hit the remote and turned on the sounds of Miles Davis’s My Funny Valentine.
“Little guy hear Tony Williams on the drums? Man he could rip.”
“Are you still here?” He said to the nurse.
“Sorry doctor.” she replies as she walked out the door.
“Where was I? Oh yeah Miles Davis. When you here the way those drums pound out that back beat and then…wait..wait…. oh yeah that is it. Hear that muted trumpet, I know Gabriel doesnt blow it like that. I bet your wondering why i created this little moment? It is probably going to be the only pure moment you ever get.. Cuban Cigar, Icey wet Gin Martini, and Miles Davis..everything after this will just be filler.”

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