Life Can Be Sweet

What I’m about to tell you are things I have learned so far in my life. But everyone is different and all experiences are unique to each person. Plus, you are always learning. These “rules,” however, have helped me be a happier person.
Don’t keep anyone in your life that makes you feel inferior in any way. Even if it is someone close to your heart. These people only suck the good energy out of your life and leave you tired mentally. It’s not worth the effort to keep them in your life.
Don’t focus on the negative in your life. Yes, you need to work on turning the negatives into positives, but try not to dwell on them. This just makes for a grumpy person that no one wants to be around! Also, if it is outside your control, let it go.
Always believe you are good enough. You do deserve the good things in life. But be humble. Always be thankful for what you do have and more will come your way.
But the most important thing of all is love. Believe in the miracles of life and never stop believing in the good.

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