Confessions of a Teenage Star: Chapter 3

Saturday finally arrived. I walked out to Matt’s car in blue jeans and a t-shirt (I was going to change when we got there).

The plane ride was pretty boring, I have to say. Matt sat there playing with his new cell phone and I mainly talked to my best friend Bethany on mine.

I was starting to regret going with Matt. He kept giving me this strange smile. It was like he was one of those crazed fans, you know, the kind that are on the border of “stalker”? He kept asking me about new movies and my new CD. It was driving me nuts.

When our plane finally landed, paparazzi were surrounding the gate.

They kept snapping pictures of us. I tried sheilding my face with my purse but it was no use The photographers got shot after shot of me and Matt walking through the terminal.

I could almost see the headlines. “Cam and Matt: Together Again”. I leaned over to warn Matt what might happen, but it was no use. Because at that moment, he leaned in and kissed me. And US Weekly got a great shot of it.

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