Distracting Performance

“We have to do something!” I whispered to Joe urgently.
“Um…” he suddenly grabbed my hand and pullled me towards the stage. He turned on the amps, threw on the guitar and nodded to the drums. “Mandy.” was all he said.
I realized what he was doing, stripped off my gloves and took my place at the drums as Joe belted out the guitar solo in the beginning of Mandy.

“Mandy used to be that girl…” he sang.

Soon the crowd was completely distracted and singing along with us to Mandy. When the song was over we left the stage and went back to what they were doing previously. Dancing.
Joe and I walked up to the others.
“Pretend like this didn’t just happen?” I suggested, smiling a little.
“Good idea.” Emily hugged me.
Joe, Brian, Gwen and Kevin headed out to the dance floor, obviously trying not to let the fact that we had almost been killed ruin the party.
Nick grabbed my arm. “Can I talk to you for a second?”
I followed him outside into the garden. “What’s up?”
He sighed.

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