FICBLOG: Inspiration

I wanted to post a few quotes I found. I thought they were really touching, and maybe we could get a few good stories out of them… what with all the exceptional writers on this site.

Avoiding the phrase “I don’t have time…â€?, will soon help you to realize that you do have the time needed for just about anything you choose to accomplish in life.
-Bo Bennett, “Year to Success”

I really like this one. Why? Because everyone every where is always ‘to busy’ for something. And look at us on here! We’ve all found a way to make it work and accomplish writing or commenting, haven’t we?

Words, when well chosen, have so great a force in them, that a description often gives us more lively ideas than the sight of things themselves.
-Joseph Addison

I liked this one because we prove this every day on here. With every story published, we show that words mean more then pictures. Here, we can’t show what we mean… we must use our words to paint pictures to our readers.

Happy Writing!
~Band Baby

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