Telling Someone!

I threw on some decent clothes and did my hair. Then I walked calmly downstairs and said hi to my parents. After talking for a bit to appear normal, I asked to go outside. Once outside I sprinted for my best friend’s house; she only lived two doors down.

I barely took a breath until I was sitting on Raquel’s bed, where I had sprawled out.

“What is your deal?” Raquel asked me sitting next to me.

“I’m… sorry… hold on.” I gasped, regaining my breath. “Have I got a story for you.”

And so I told her all about Tyler. I told her about that first ficlet I saw and the phone call just now. I told her about the sweet things he said to me and how estatic I’d been after seeing his number on my phone.

“So what’s he look like?” She asked suddenly.

“Uhm.. honestly? I have no idea.” I answered.

“Well let’s find out.” She said getting a devilish grin on her face and leaving for her computer. She turned it on and loggedd me onto AIM . My face lit up when I saw his screenname on my buddy list.

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