King Bluetooth's Blood Pressure Rises

King Bluetooth was in a room with two huge maps, the army general, two servants, and three panting messengers.

“You! Fetch some water! I can’t stand the sound of them panting like dogs!” The King pointed at a servant who immediately bowed her head and scurried out.

A fourth messenger nearly knocked her down in his haste to enter the room.

“Your majesty! The fifth ring has been destroyed! A dragon blew fire over the slaves and the army camped there!” He nearly collapsed after saying this. The remaining servant and a fellow messenger carried him to a chair.

“No! It can’t be!” The King’s face went white. “The oracle said… but now? I’m not finished…I…No! It’s not time! General! How long is the ride to Fyrkat?”

“Several days, sir. Maybe a week, even if we switched horses every day.”

I might not have a week He thought. “Let’s meet
them halfway, at the second circle, Trelleborg.”

“Good strategy, Sire!” The General complimented a little too enthusiastically to be convincing. Then proposed his ideas.

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