Bless the Broken Road

At the reception, everyone was on the dance floor having the time of their lives.

Ashley was dancing along with everyone else. She was trying her hardest not to think about Cameron.


Someone had grabbed Ashley’s arm.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention all night!” Cameron?!

“I..what? huh… What are you doing here!?”

“Well… Your brother is marrying a very very close family friend!”

“Seriously?! What a small world!”

After talking some more Cameron started to look at Ashley with a look that can only be described as passion.

“Ashley. You look amazing tonight.”

“Thank you Cameron, you look very put together as well.” He was in a black tux with a white shirt and red tie. It was formal, yet daring.

Right then, Bless the Broken Road started to blast through the speakers.

“May I have this dance?” Cameron asked.

“I wouldn’t be willing to give it to anyone else.” Ashley answered.

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