It Stings, but it is True

Suddenly it hits me like a ton of bricks. That girl is me!.
Me: Scott, wait!!!

He stops for a moment.

Me: I… I just don’t know what to say.
Me: I… don’t think that a relationship is the best thing for…
Scott: For skating!?

You can feel the angry and the hurt rising. This is going to sting me. He turns and walks quickly back to me.

Scott: Why do you always put skating first!? Is that all you care about!? Or is it winning! I bet that is it isn’t it?

I look down, he is right.

Scott: I remember when we used to just skate for fun. Now all you want to do is win! It isn’t always about you and winning ok? What I have is true, raw feelings for you and no completion is going to change that.

I feel hurt at what he said. Even though is right. I spout back.

Me: I just want is best for us as a team! I am with someone else Scott! I can’t just change.
Scott: Oh ya, because he is popular and good looking. Those things never used to matter to you!

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