My Life changing moment: Part 2

“You guys have fun!”
We gave our mom a kiss and hopped in the car. I got the front seat, while dad buckled Zack into his car seat. She waved at us until we were out of sight. I made sure I was comfortable, I had grabbed a pillow and blanket before we left the house. I had snacks, drinks, and things to entertain me, like my I-pod, my laptop, and my cell phone.
I ended up falling asleep. I was asleep for about 2 hours. When I woke up I saw that my brother was also sleeping. I looked at my dad. He was concentrating on the road.
“Hey Dad, I joked. Are we almost there?”
I knew we wouldn’t be there for days.
He smiled.
“Almost! Why dont you call your mother and check in with her?”
I called my mom.
“Hey mom!”
“Hey! Hunny, now’s not a good time. I’ll call you back later!”
She hung-up.
“Dad, she hung-up on me!”
“One of her cooking show’s were probably on. Call her back later.”
I put the phone down and and went back to my nap.

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