A scene on the balcony.

The meal they ate felt more like the last meal of a dead wife walking to Jess, than a homecoming. They sat on the balcony overlooking the French Market, on Royal Street, having an after-meal smoke.
“Can you talk about it now Simon?” Jess asked with trepidation.
This had been the first time they had been separated since they were undergrads at Loyola. She had dreamed of an Indiana Jones style life with Simon; two archeology majors stealing the Ark from the Nazi’s. That had been a lot like their life accept for ,no Nazi’s, no Ark, no adventure. They had however seen their share of malaria, flies, leaches, altitude sickness, and frostbite. She was still willing to travel the world with Simon, until she got sick.
She had just recovered from a hysterectomy brought on by an ovarian cyst. She wanted to go anyway because they were so close to making a break through in their studies.
“Jess, i found it. I found Paititi, it was all there just like the legend.”
“Why didn’t Dr.Hill call me then?”
“I killed him.”

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