The Tempting Of Heath Ledger. (Part 1 of The 4 part mini series)

“Mr. Eckhart that was incredible, Now You Heath..HEATH!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING ?!!”

“Hold your fuctin horses i spent four hours in make up and i need a smoke, fuctin fire me, i was lookin for a job when i found this one!” Heath yelled as he slammed the warehouse door.
Ledger could feel his life spiraling out of control as he thought to himself, “How can i fuct up the Joker? What was i thinking? This isn’t a gay cowboy this is Cesar Romero This is Jack Fuctin Nicholson, and i am fuctin it up. I can’t do this, i am not good enough, but God, what i would give to be this good, to show em all. That prick Eckhart, who saw too many Tommy Lee Jones Movies, or that freakin Christian Bale who couldn’t understudy Eric Roberts, Damnit why did i take this role i would do anything!”
He froze as his eye caught a little pink sphere descend from the Los Angeles smog. It became more defined till he could make out the pretty pink flowers on the little girl’s dress, as her umbrella parachuted her to Earth.

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