The Tempting Of Heath Ledger. (Part 2)

The Twelve year old’s kitten paw feet ticked as the tap shoes touched the sidewalk.
“Wait aren’t you?”
“Yes i am!” The girl’s feet did a jig, as she used her caine/umbrella to whirl like a Ginger Roger’s
style Dervish.
” Well don’t look so daft, lil man you’re the one who called me.” said the girl as she flipped back the curls that beared her name.
“I never asked for Shirley Temple to come down from the sky on an umbrella.” replied The star as he rubbed his eyes, believing that she was either a peice of lint in his contacts or a slice of undigested beef.
“No, but you did say you would do anything, right? Betrayal, loss, revenge those are all Shirley’s bag baby…I mean the Devil’s Game.” She stretched out her tiny porcelian hand and added, I am The Morning Star at your service.”

The troubled star went through every thought in between ‘The devil Is Shirley Temple’ and ‘i gotta stop drinkin’, till he stretched out his hand and replied, “My name is Heath Ledger and i want to be the Joker.”

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