Alone Amongst the Crowd

All alone I sit. Here. On a thousand steps. All in a row. People rushing by. But here I sit. Alone. Always, everlastingly alone. I hide my face, ashamed.
The pain. Why must I suffer endlessly?
No answer comes. So I sit. Day after day. Hoping, praying for the day. The day when someone will finally notice me. The day my rescuer taps me on the shoulder and asks if I’m ok. And things will be alright. At least for me. And my rescuer. Maybe.
The world will become different. I will finally be able to look those in the eye that passed me by. And they will know what I think of them on first glance. And they will be sorry. Sorry they didn’t help me sooner.
But until that day, all I can do is hope. Hope and hurt. So I sit. Alone. Waiting. A thousand steps rise away from where I sit. People overlook. But one day they will see. All too clear.

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