Strange Normalities: Unwilling Recruit

Dan lay on a similar table to mine. I couldn’t believe he had known of a plan! Who the heck were they?
“You knew about all this?” I hissed. Dan only whispered. “And you better tell me who ‘they’ are, or when we get out of here I’m smacking you.”
“Recruits for the government, ” he said, failing miserably to keep an even voice. “They… they need to know…”
“Know what? Why are you with them? What the hell is going on?
Dan took a deep breath. “My dad used to work in the government. My parents thought I could do it, so when these people came in, I was signed up at once. They told us that we must blend, must obey, and have others do the same to maintain order. If unity doesn’t work, fear usually does. That’s what’s drilled into everyone’s head. Oh, God in Heaven, I’ve never felt bad about doing this, but you’ve made it so… different. But I’ve never tried to do anything about it…”
I craned my neck to look at Dan. Raising my eyebrows comfortingly, I said simply, “Doesn’t mean you can’t try now.”

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