The tempting Of Heath Ledger. Part 4 (Laugh You Son Of A Gun)

“I talked Bruce outa both.Haha.”
Then the curly haired demon burst into song.
look on the funny side
or when your done
it’s all a buggy ride
so laugh You Son Of a Gun

He stared wild eyed at the scene unfolding and interupted, “but dear the priee..”
She shushed him with her finger, and went on.
It doesn’t cost a thing
to buy the sun
so laugh
you son of a gun

“But mr joker it is not the sun you want is it?”
He tried to speak but his voice sounded foreign to him.
Hey dame what is the skinny on my pipes here? It doesn’t even sound like me, doll-face .”
“Oh sweet thing, you mean it doesn’t sound like Heath Ledger? Cause you, my wide grinned friend, are the joker. And the joker doesnt live here in the real world, so when you are done, you have to return to the realm of hearts and minds. So laugh you son of a gun”

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