Strange Normalities: Bless His Heart

I awoke the next morning to a blinding floodlight. Once my eyes adjusted, I heard the fuzzy form of Dr. Leiz come in.
“And how are we this morning?” he asked brightly, leering down at me.
“Peachy,” I replied through gritted teeth. He didn’t seem to catch my air of contempt.
“Splendid! We ready for the demonstration?”
“About as ready as someone is sane.” Again, he didn’t seem to get the drift. Typical. I tried not to roll my eyes
When his back was turned, I mouthed to Dan to follow my lead, and do like we planned last night. Swallowing, with a quick glance at the formidable doctor, he nodded bravely.

Bless his heart.

We were unlatched and allowed to stretch. Then, with many a flutter in our already-uneasy hearts, we were nudged to follow the doctor through the bleak, unforgiving halls.

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