Strange Normalities: How You Doin'?

The first part of the demonstration, according to Dan, was a brain scan, showing how someone reacted to certain stimuli. Various sentences, according to Dan. Since he would be our standard for the day, of course the images would be different. But I had a plan to use that fact to my advantage.

Dr. Leiz gave a shpeal which I tuned out. Then Dan poked me to walk out after him. I tried to peer through the lights into the crowd. “They” didn’t seem much older than juniors or seniors. In fact, I recognised man of them to be in my class. I even saw the girl with the white-blond hair who had raised in my defence in the front row. Many who recognised me began whispering when they saw me.
I had to do something to appear human to these people. I cracked a wry smile. “How you all doin’?” I asked the crowd. A ripple of snickers and giggles disturbed the thick serious air.

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