Strange Normalities: Flurry of Activity

The doctor was not pleased. “Now then,” he continued, clearing his throat coldly, “We’ll begin. Our control subject,” indicating Dan, “will set our standard, then we will compare it to our… experimental subject.” I rolled my eyes. When will these people realize I have a name?
Dan sat down, lowering some headgear contraption just over his hairline, motioning me to do the same.
“Now, I will relate a sentence to the subjects, and you will note how their brains react.” He paused. “Everything is right with the world.” Immediately, suddenly, my brain began firing away in a flurry of activity. No! There’s so much that could change in this world! We can do so much for the people, for life, I thought, my mind rattling off this and that that could be improved.
On a screen, colors appeared all over a visual of my brain. A small color-change turned in Dan’s visual. The doctor smiled eerily, feeling his suspicions were confirmed.
“Now hold on one minute!”

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