Strange Normalities: She Speaks!

Dr. Leiz, though surprised, smiled in an amused fashion. “She speaks!” he joked. I ignored him. “Has anybody compared the good doctor’s brain with our standard?” A murmur ran through the crowd at my question.
The doctor shot me a murdurous glare, then tried to wave away my inquiry. “Nonsense!”
“She has a point sir,” Dan interjected.
“Fine!” Dr. Leiz submitted. “But only to humor our subject. What does she think, it’ll be different? Ha!” He scoffed at the idea.
“Now, is there a list of ‘approved’ statements for this test I can borrow?” I asked the crowd.
“I have an extra sheet,” the white-blond girl offered, handing me a packet of papers. I thanked her. I flipped through the statements, looking for “The One” that would surely be different.
There it was.
“The odd are always to be hated,” I read. A cloudy look flashed over Dan’s face, then resolved.
The crowd gasped when the images appeared.

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