Strange Normalities: Carbon Copies

“As we can all plainly see,” I explained, hardly able to keep from smiling, “it is impossible for two people to think or be exactly the same. Similar, yes. But carbon copies of one another? By no means.”
“So, we’ve been lied to?” an enraged voice cried from the back.
“Unfortunately, yes,” I answered. Dr. Leiz became panicked.
“Now, let’s think rationally…” he whimpered.
“Sorry doctor,” Dan declared, standing bravely, “but you can’t tell us what to think!” This sent a riot in motion. But before the stage could be rushed the auditorium was plundged into darkness.
Someone grabbed hold of my arm and dragged me into a bright but deserted hall.
“We gotta get out of her,” Dan urged. “I grabbed a uniform for you to disguise yourself. But they’re bound to find me.”
“Not if I can help it. I’m good friends with a mechanic who can help.” Dan looked into my dark eyes, shocked.
I smiled knowingly. “You thought I hadn’t figured out your little secret by now?”

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