Wake-up Call

“Get up! You’re sleepin’ when there is a party goin’ on out here, man! Get up!”

That was woke me at six a.m. Todd is a great guy; friendly, generous, fun. The thing is he had taken quite a few drinks by the time he got to six in the morning and he wanted everyone else to be up still too.

I shot out of bed like there was a fire or something; scared out of sleep. I followed the sounds out of the room I was staying in and wandered into the living room to find Todd holding forth on the joys of Absinthe and exhorting other, bleary eyed people to have fun.

“There you are. Come and have a drink!”

He motioned to the empty seat by the table and pointed at a shot of Absinthe that was sitting there, waiting for me like a little green devil. I knew that I had more than a skinful before I had crashed out at half one. I knew that I should not, under any circumstances, take the shot. I looked at him and was about to say ‘no thanks’ when the green fairy took me by the hand and explained that I needed to have more fun…

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