Am I Destined To Follow You?

Goodbye, Sissy.
I looked up to you, I honestly did. That’s what big sisters like you are for. I never understood why you liked the music where the scary people on the CD case would scream. But I listened intently, if anybody knew things about life, it was you. “It’s just something big girls do.” When I’m a big girl, will I listen to scary things just like you; will I become you?

Goodbye, Mommy.
I couldn’t please you enough, Mommy. “Hunny, get me another beer, please.” Beer is just a grown-up type of orange juice, that’s what Sissy told me. I wasn’t allowed to try any, though. Why? I would get really happy and silly if I liked orange juice that much, too. When I’m a mommy, will I get as wild too; will I become you?

Goodbye, Daddy.
Where ever you are. Mommy says you still live in our old house, before we moved. I was too young to remember, but Sissy says that you would like it better if you stayed there. Did you grow up there? Will I grow attached to the things I love too; will I become you?

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