First Encounter

I giggled again as I put my cellphone away. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to tell Tyler where I was. While I waited I began looking around.

The restuarant had a high celing, with a beautiful mural on it. I looked around and noticed other paintings hanging around the dimly lit room. As I was gazing at one particular peice I noticed “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith playing softly through out the room. I smiled at a memory of an ex playing it to me on his guitar.

I grabbed my water and took a small sip, trying to settle the butterflies in my stomach. I glanced towards the door and noticed a tall boy, about 5’10”, looking around the restaurant. He was wearing a black ACDC shirt and faded blue jeans. I blushed feeling overdressed in my pink blouse and black knit skirt, but I felt confident so it was a plus.

He caught me looking at him and a smile lit his face. As he walked closer to me, I noticed his liquid blue eyes and perfectly messy brown hair.

He sat down opposite me, “Hey.”

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