Impulse Buy

Jon turned into the sales lot on an impulse. Something he had a rule against: Never look without a plan. Never buy on the spot. It’s sound advice that he was ignoring.

The salesman pounced fast. His hair and bravado put him in his late twenties. Probably fancied himself quite the salesman. “Hiya!â€? he said, extending Jon his right hand.

“Hello.â€? Jon said simply, shaking. He turned away to look at the selection on display. “I think I’m looking for a new one.â€?

The salesman glanced into the windshield of the empty Chevy. “Trade-in?â€? he quipped.

Jon didn’t respond immediately. He’s jumping ahead. He thought. Instead, he walked up a row, looking at what was available.

Then, a flash of red caught his eye. Slender. Delicate. Yet powerful. “That one.â€? Jon pointed.

The salesman followed his gaze. “Oh yes. We’ve had a lot of interest in her.â€?

The woman stood from her assigned seat on the lot and walked over to the men. She forced her lips into a smile. “I’m Amber.â€?

“Should I go get the paperwork, sir?â€?

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