Vision to Reality

As soon as I saw her eyes gazing toward me, i knew it was her. For the first time, the vision in my mind became a reality, except seeing her there was unlike any dream I’d ever had… Her aqua blue eyes lit up when I caught them, and she seemed to become more and more beautiful with each step closer I took… By the time I’d sat down across from her, I had to take deeper breaths to calm my heart which was beating furiously inside of me.
It took nearly all my concentration just to say ‘hey’, since my mind was completely absorbed in her beauty.

She smiled, her eyes filled with amusement and affection.
“Hey, Tyler.”
The moment she said my name, my heart ceased to beat, and was just a puddle of emotion inside my chest.

I took a deep breath, and reached for a cup of water on the table, when I noticed my hands were trembling. Apparently she noticed too, and began giggling.
“So, you miss me?”
I took a sip of water to cool my chest down, and smiled.
“Only more than anything else…”

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