Real Mexican Food

The smell of chilli and sizzling meat washed over him like a wave as he walked into the taqueria, and it smelled really good. he cast his mind back to the last time he had eaten ‘Mexican’ food back at home in England and started to realise that all of the stories may well be true. Soon he would never be able to eat Mexican at home ever again.

The chefs were moving like a well oiled machine, this one tossing the meat on a flat, wide griddle, the other preparing a tortilla with salsa and beans, avocado and sour cream. People in the line were chatting to one another, pointing at the menu, and in the back there was the low hum of diners’ conversations over their food. He turned to his host and guide;

“So what’s good here, Dan?”

“Well, pretty much everything, but if you want a tip, I’m going to get the Super Shrimp Burrito.”

He turned the idea over in his mind, and could see no bad aspects to the idea of Pacific shrimp, griddle fried with chilli and onions and then wrapped up in a tortilla with rice and beans.

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