Inescapable, Period



“Absolutely. So you’ll be arresting me, then?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, seeing as how I’m being insubordinate, I demand that you arrest me.”

“I… um.”

“You’ve got me dead to rights. Caught in the act of not cleaning the mess outside of the airlock by way of being inside it.”

“I suppose—”

“And so, seeing as how I’m insubordinate, and very probably egregiously so, then it’s your duty to throw me in the brig. At once.”


“That’s regulations, right?”


“Failing to act immediately would, I think, be rather a dereliction of duty, don’t you?”

“I suppose it would be, yes.”

“And you’re a duty-minded sort.”

“Of course.”

“So there you are.”

“I am.”



“Still… there in the comm center and not arresting me.”

“Oh! Right. Sorry… please consider yourself arrested.”

“To the brig with me, then!”



“Well… it’s a small ship.”


“So, the airlock doubles as the brig—”


”—and I’ve logged your arrest in the computer.”

“Aw, shit.”

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