Untitiled Story 3

“Of course you do. So what exactly are you?”

“Oh, I’m human, just like you. Just… cursed with immortality.” She spat out the word that most dreamed of as if it were yesterday’s sauerkraut.

“I’m listening..”

“God’s mad at me and I’ve played pranks on the devil. So I have to walk the planet until Judgement Day. It’s fun to scare peple though.”

“So it’s like that Irish legend.”

“Pretty much.”

“Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You’re a modern day Jack.”

“Please don’t say that. It makes me feel cliched.”

“Right then. Poor little girl that plays jokes on the devil has her feelings hurt.” Sandra stood and glared at him, her eyes threatening as a loaded and leveled gun.

“You don’t wanna be saying that to me. You can die. I’m stuck on the planet.” Carsten shrunk away from her.

“Okay, okay! You don’t want to be messed with. I get it.”

“You’d better.”

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