The Irony of it All

“And that’s why my boy Alex is so special to me now. He’s
so special because he almost never was at all. I was a 15
year old girl when I found out I was pregnant.”

“So what was it like? What did you feel?” Phaedra asked.

“I hated him then. I hated that my life would change. The irony of it all is that I hated how he would change my life and that’s why I love him so much today. If it wasn’t for your Dad, I wouldn’t have you, T-key, and Mike. You know you’re my favorite though, P.” Grandma Charcy winked at Phaedra as she lay on the hospice provided bed.

“Grandma, does Daddy know that?” Phaedra asked.

“My life is an open book, P. All of the hard times we been through… I can just look him in the eyes an I know he feels it too. I’m 80 years old today. It was enough. How many people get to live for 80 years?”

“But Grandma Charcy, we still need you!”

“Love never dies, P. It’s forever. They got me set up at home so I can be with family. When my time comes, I’ll be with family. That’s all I ever wanted.”

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