Peripheral Evil: Part 35 (Never Too Late for Moshie)

The agents, the scientist, and the snipers were in position around the stones at Avebury.
“Where is the activity here?”
“You just worry about doing your job, and i’ll do mine.” Moshie told the agent.
The other scientist told Stratnicoff, “There is activity, see those five ton rocks, they used to be over there, the circle must have completed itself?”
“The world were shadows cast bodies.” Moshie added with a slightly intoxicated slur.
A voice came over the headsets, “Stratnicof we are awaiting your signal, the green light word is Cadillac. We won’t fire till we hear it.”
“That’s an affirmative, hold for my signal.”
As they held their breathe, with pointer fingers poised to end the prophecy, smoke became fire and light around the ring.
Stratnicoff could almost taste the kill when he saw the images of the families begin to materialize in the ring.
Just as he was about to say Cadillac he heard,”You know the funny thing about a conspiracy, you never know when somebody is going to switch sides.”

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