Wipe The Band Baby Off Your Shoes Before You Step in Fantasy.

The van took turns like a bullet train, screaming around the corner of the buildings.
The unbreakable sword of the Blue sparrow cut the get-away
van down the center like a jack hammer through cranberry sauce. The badly injured trio were quick work for the most fearsome sword in ficlidom. She ripped flesh from bone like a Ginsu knife through a coke can. Instead of sympathy, lone writers screams brought a smirk to the ruthless killer’s, blue bow-tie lips. The Sparrow was wiping what used to be Band Baby from her sword, when she realized her boots were covered in Fantasy.
The samurai pulled on a pretty new pair of cowboy boots and yelled to the misty night air, “ I AM COMING FOR YOU KRULLTAR , AND HELL IS COMING WITH ME

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